Hi all, I am wanting to tap into your wisdom! I travel a lot, but not usually for more than a week or so, and generally within Australia where I know what to expect from the climate.
But I am heading off to the UK and Ireland for just over three weeks in April, and I am getting quite muddled with quantities. I have about 7 days of work wear, so I am fine with that.
The rest of the time will be travelling etc, so let's say 14 days of casual, plus 2 x 24 hour flights. I won't have any real access to washing.
For the flights I was thinking of Angie's suggestion and having one dedicated outfit.
Then, I need to deal with the 14 casual days - which might be a stretch as I live in a really warm climate, so I actually don't have stacks of cool weather choices! I do have a good wool coat, a puffer, and a rain coat, so they will all be going. Everything pretty much matches, so that's one thing I don't need to worry about.
For the 14 casual days, do you think it would work to take:
3 x jeans
4 x lightish jumpers (all I own!)
1 slightly heavier cashmere jumper
3 tops that can be worn under the jumpers
1 or 2 tops that can be worn alone (in case it is warmer in London, though probably not by my sub-tropical standards!)
Scarves, gloves and hat.
Will this be enough/too much?!??