So a friend of mine is getting married in Las Vegas in a few weeks, as I think I mentioned here before, and I can't for the life of me figure out what to wear. I could easily cobble together something acceptable from what I already own, but I don't want acceptable - I want perfect for the occasion. A little flashier than my usual style, but not too crazy; fun but not outlandish; and preferably something that I can wear again which is not too expensive. You see my (self-made) dilemma.

I was at Nordstrom yesterday and looking around the dress sale racks, and ended up bringing home two sheath dresses: a Betsey Johnson in grey with black lace trim, and a NYDJ black ponte with faux leather trim. Neither one of these are my everyday style at all, and I'm hard pressed to think of when next I will wear them.

I probably have to properly dress up maybe twice in a year, and that's pushing it. One of those occasions is going out for our anniversary with my husband, and I could dress down a little there if I wanted. Given that it's such an infrequent occasion, does it make any sense to 'invest' in specialized items? Should I just stick with the dressier end of my separates and stick with that? I would love to know what others do in these sorts of cases.