I'm trying to downsize most everything - my clothes, shoes, purses, makeup. I wanted to limit myself to have three sunglasses, all polarized. I've been searching to find my favorite sunglasses for two months. I'm 98% sure I'm moving to Dubia in two months. I live near the beach in NJ in the mean time. I plan to travel a lot in the next year.

First I found the Kate Spade finola's below, at Nordstrom Rack. They fit well, are polarized and I think they go well with my dressier clothes. They were $59.97 at Nordstrom Rack - it's always worth checking there for sunglasses I think!

My second find where these Tommy Bahama ones at TJ Max. They are polarized. I might paint over the gold. I hate the gold on the side of them and they were really cheap - $15 or so. These will be the ones I wear in the ocean when I'm on vacation.

The third and fourth pairs I found today. The first I found at Nordstrom Rack - the Crimson Visual Fletcher black and tan. They are polarized. They are acetate but really look and feel like wood. I think they'll be very cute for the beach. They were $27, not a huge discount but every dollar helps.

Then I went to Sax's off 5th and found the Ray ban folding wayfarer's I didn't think would fit. I saw this online and wanted to get the polarized version but they were pricy. I have a small cross body purse I use a lot and thought these would be great for it. They are! But these aren't polarized... They fit, I think they are fun, and will be good for the beach. I've never had mirrored sunglasses and green isn't really my thing, but they are fun. They were down to $75 at Sax off 5th so I grabbed them - even though it broke my all polarized rule and over my limit of 3 sunglasses.