So...I currently have more boxes of shoes sitting in my bedroom than most of the shoe stores in our town.

And my question is, how many is too many?

I have approximately 5 months of sandal and what I call "open" or "light" shoe wear (i.e. non bootie/ boots weather).

I don't intend to keep everything I ordered, obviously. I have already ruled out some, and am currently deliberating between a few different pairs (e.g.. the gold/ silver Ralph Laurens). But do you think it is unreasonable to own....

2 pair Okalas (pony print/ soft gold)
1 pair higher heeled taupe cage sandals
2 pair fashion sneakers (white Cons Hi-Ness and leopard slip on)
1 pair two-tone oxfords
1 pair cognac low block heeled sandal
1 pair taupe low wedge gladiator sandal
1 pair silver casual flat sandal

Plus... (possible new options, all of which fit and tick a bunch of boxes for me)

1 pair dove sandal bootie
1 pair gold (or silver) block heeled gladiator sandal
1 pair silver buckle block heel pumps
1 pair black wedge crossover sandal
1 pair white block heel sandal

Oh...and I am considering a blue pair, too...

Am I completely bonkers? I confess the block heel options are making me a bit giddy...

White sandals are a huge HEWI, so those are in my mind a "must." I also need different kinds of footwear for different occasions.