In her post No longer a one-bag woman, Aziraphale asked, "How many bags do you need so that you have an appropriate bag for all occasions and outfits?" Since this question is somewhat hidden in the post I thought I would start a new thread for it. Handbags are by far my favorite accessory and like Angie I have a good sized collection. Lately I've been wondering what I would keep if I were to downsize. From my smallest (and newest) make-up bag to my tote, this is what I came up with. If I had to, I could cut this group down by half but for the sake of variety I like this number. The three satchels are used the most. The crossbody bags are also carried frequently. The large tote and the tiny RM crossbody are used the least, but when I need them, they're perfect. I'm wondering what others feel is an ideal collection. Do you have a variety of bags for different occasions or do you have just one bag that serves all purposes?