Suz, I have that very shirt. I mostly wear it very casually. You take it to another level!

I have one plaid shirt. Even though it's a black and white check I always feel more tomboy nerd than sophisticate in it. You are winning the plaid sophisticate game.

Hi Suz...I know you are a fellow Canadian, so i wanted to ask about the booties..the website says shipping to US only...did you have yours shipped to Canada?

I am completely blown away by all three outfits, Suz. WOW, are you on a roll or what!!!
And those red booties, the NAS gilet AND the pink J.Crew blazer were such good purchases!! All three have enormous remix potential, and you, fab lady, are a remixing master (I am taking notes

Julie, I actually got mine from The Bay on sale. The Bay often carries Topshop.

Thank you all for the kind words. I feel like I need them today.

Inge, you are making me blush!

Lisa, I sometimes feel a bit too tomboy in a plaid shirt, too, so I do have to do something to make it feel more feminine. I normally wouldn't wear the bling and it does feel like a bit much for a work at home day. But hey. Gotta try the maximal.

JAileen, Angie used to have this shirt, too (and may still) and Sveta also has it! We're quadruplets.

Angie, super sweet of you to stop by when you must be jet lagged! And yes, I got red boots and kept the pink jacket. I do want to change up the buttons eventually but I've already worn it twice so I guess it's going to be a workhorse. Once I scrunched the sleeves it felt a lot more "me."

I would follow you down the street to get a better look at your outfits. Really hits the mark!

Love them all!

I do have a similar "softened look" of a bl&w plaid shirt worn with a waxed ink denim skirt, so think here the culotte makes for a more feminine look and is not at all that androgynous like with any other pant1s style-&love it with the bib necklace, the red booties and the pink blazer, wow!!!

Live the plaid shirt looks!
The bits of bright white in it are what does it for me. Really gives a nice pop and is very " enlivening" and maybe aides the dressier vibe. Plus, the bling is inspired.

Love all of these, Suz, you totally nailed them. Your new red booties are gorgeous are I love that kept the pink J.Crew jacket. If you need more bright plaids in your life, this one has just followed me home

(I don't have this plaid shirt - Inge does).

Here are my current plaid shirts:

All I could say to myself with 2 was pow pow pow.

Love that whole look.

I don't know why I just do.

I love it all. Now I am rethinking my decision to not pack my plaid shirt for Montreal. Hmmm. I thought it was a bit too lumberjack for such a chic city.
I love the different combos. I can see that the gold buttons might be a problem when you are wearing certain things. I never worry about mixing metals but they are very prominent.

Really great looks, Suz! I especially like the plaid shirt with the pink blazer.

What a fun shirt! And I really like the pairing of the flare crops with those close to the leg ankle (?) height booties.

You know how to wear a plaid shirt! What great outfits!