Just curious...what do you guys wear at home? Are you still fab at home or do you just hang out in loungewear? I must confess my at home wardrobe is sadly lacking in comparison to my newly fab work/MOTG wardrobe. When I get home I pretty much immediately change into PJs or the equivalent--baggy sweatshirts, T shirts from our former dive vacations, PJ bottoms or an old pair of sweat pants with my school logo...I don't even wear a bra at home. I don't even wear jeans that much--the bootcuts are too long to wear without heels (I usually just wear socks--we take off our shoes inside) and I don't want to squeeze into skinnies at home (my apple belly needs to breathe!). Even my PJs are old and schlumpy. DH is even more casual than me--he usually strips down to T shirt and boxers. Comfort trumps fashion around here!

So what do you guys wear at home--anything goes or do you still look nice? Is there a way to upgrade my lounging at home clothes? I've never stepped foot into Lululemon and Athleta and the like...should I get some yoga pants and workout wear even though I never do yoga or work out? LOL!

Needless to say, there won't be a WIW attached to this post...;-)