I'd love some ideas. Although I never would have typified myself as sporty (much more outdoorsy than sporty) on the fashion spectrum I definitely appreciate sporty looks. This summer I had a grey pair of athletic sneakers I wore with rolled jeans and skirts, along with sassy sweatshirts and ball caps -- all of which were some of my favorite pieces.

However, I'm struggling a bit wearing it this fall. I live somewhere where people wear a lot of gear and things are very casual, plus sneakers will soon be out of the question because of snow. I want to keep wearing sporty ensembles, but am having a harder time adding the fashion element while still keeping in mind my job (no heels) and winter temps (most track pants are out, as are most leggings). I don't want to look like I wore my ski jacket with my work clothes . . . because people do it here everyday. Any ideas for adding luxe elements to a sporty topper keeping in mind the flat shoes/jeans base?

How do you wear this look?

P.s. My office is freezing!