Thanks, Gryffin and FashIntern, those are good ideas. Maybe next year by the holidays I'll be in a position to truly go on the hunt. I'm on the short side and curvy, so it might take me a long time, if ever, to find something that doesn't look dumpy on me....

Christina - look for jackets with some stretch, waist definition and slightly shorter in length, this is give a showcase for your gorgeous curves.

Hi gryffin, I'm so late reading this. Will you please tell me who makes the jacket in #8? I love the cut of it. Thanks!

So sophisticated. I will live a glamorous life vicariously through you Gryffin!

Vicki - That is the Helmut Lang gala cropped smoking tux. You can see featherfactor styling it There were several iterations. I have the three because it is the ne plus ultra of cropped tux jackets - the bracelet sleeve all season that she is wearing, the parabla back makes it truly special but you do have to check the rear view and how that presents but I love this detail. I have a ponte textured with LS and the LS leather sleeve version. You'd need to check ebay type sites but I love this jacket and can't speak highly enough of it! BTW Vicki - I think this jacket looks better on me than FF - her photos don't do justice to this jacket but you get the idea.
TG- a tux jacket would look smashing with your wardrobe just as it is! Instant girls night out, date night!! Just a thought!! I wear this with jeans and I've worn it with black tie, I have multiples so I don't have to save them all for good!! Only one get special treatment!!