I often see ones I like but in reality, I can't figure out how to wear them. My problem may be climate related, combined with the fact that I'm hot natured already, but they just don't hit the seasons for me. Here are the issues:

  • I have no use for them at all from May through September, it's just not cold enough. So where they might go well for some people over something sleeveless if there were cool evenings or the AC is too cold, those two situations rarely happen for me. It would have to be a really thin cotton cardigan and I don't really buy those.
  • We are now in the weather where they might begin to have some usefulness but if it's cold enough I'm probably already wearing something with sleeves and then the sleeves fight with the cardigan sleeves because my tops are never very fitted
  • Add in the fact that the cardigan would have to go well with said top and it just gets more confusing.
I'm toying with the idea of leaving out a red print summer sleeveless blouse because I have a red cardigan. And also to just wear it over a black tank with black pants. Those are the only ideas I have! If cardigans work for you, can you share how you wear them? And whether you run hot or cold because it's my theory that cardigans are really for people who run cold and always want one extra top layer. Which is not me.