For me, I think tops are easier to incorporate (as I often wear them with jeans)... and a dress can work well with neutral footwear.

I have enjoyed this thread as it made me realise why a couple of pieces were passed on a little prematurely - a black and cobalt top - I liked it but only with black and then it became too dark a look for me, and a coral and white blouse - I struggled to find things to wear with it.

I have attached my two colour items in the finds below. The black and white is not a problem, nor are the dresses. The cardigan is new and not worn as yet. The blue and white boho blouse I only wear with white jeans......I don't like it with black nor blue jeans and don't have anything else to wear it with.

Carla, I was being a little flip when I said you could use the whole color wheel with a 2-color print, but you showed it's true. Wow! Using your example of a blue & green piece, blue and green match, yellow is adjacent to green, orange is complementary to blue, red is complementary to green, purple is adjacent to blue, and we're back where we started.

Sal, is that white in the boho blouse? If it's beige, you could wear it with khaki. Either way, I bet it'd work with red. But maybe that's just because I like red--I think it'd work with all those things you posted. You mention wearing lots of things with jeans. For the longest time, that was a trap I fell into. I'd buy tops thinking that it was ok not to have something to wear them with in mind, because I could always wear them with jeans. Probably would've been OK, except I hardly wear jeans! They weren't quite orphans, but daddy almost never came to visit.

Sarah - it is white and the blue is very crisp, almost with a perwinkle tint to it. It would work with the right pink, coral or red pants, or possibly the right camel.......but I don't have pants in any of those colours.

I do wear jeans a lot but not in summer. I rarely wear a tank top with jeans because if it is hot enough to go sleeveless I don't want to wear jeans!!

Your last line made me laugh out loud. Good observation though - that if jeans are worn infrequently then you should not have many tops that only work with jeans........

Sal, I felt bad recently when I called you Jenni NZ, or maybe I called her your name. I forget which, but anyway, I feel relieved that you've now called me Sarah.

Haha I thought it was her reply rather than yours - oops sorry about that.