I find prints with 3 or more colors really versatile— I’ll pair them with any color from the print, most any neutral, and sometimes a color that’s not in the print at all (one of my fave outfits last summer was a red, blue, and white paisley sundress with an icy lavender cropped cardi...sounds wacky but it worked!).

But when it comes to two-color prints I’m stymied. They can go with one of the colors in the print, or sometimes a neutral (sometimes that even looks/feels wrong to me)...but that seems really limiting.

(The one exception is a classic navy Breton stripe — in my mind that can be worn with anything and everything.)

What am I missing? Does anyone have any styling tips for two-color patterns?

Finds as examples of what I’m talking about — these are not items I own nor ones I am considering.