It's been a while since we've talked budgets and I have questions!

I've tracking my wardrobe for 5 months now (yay!) and have a pretty clear idea of what I have and how much I've spent. I'm not tracking wears yet, so cpw isn't a metric for me.

Without setting a specific budget for the last 5 months, I seem to come to a rough spending # that varies by about 10%, regardless of the # of items purchased. One the one hand, yay for consistency. On the other hand, I"m not sure it's great that one month I buy 10 pieces and another I buy 5 but I spend almost the same amount. I'm not trying to specifically lower my spend, but I want to be more conscious of how I am spending, and for what value.

So... without asking for specific #'s - how do you set your budget? Do you have a target price per item (different for pants vs dresses for example?) Do you budget monthly/quarterlyannually? Do you have a rainyday fund for splurge items? Any tips or tricks?