As I've mentioned, I'm on a health program, and trying hard to stay focused. I'm finding working out to be the hardest change to make, and right now part of the issue is my travel.

Background: I'm on the road at least 1x/month. Right now is peak season - I was out 3 days this week, will be gone all of next week and most of the week following. I prefer to travel with only a carryon as this is work travel and often on a plane each night during the week. I'm also typically in flats while flying so I can get quickly through security.

So, do I just need to get smarter at packing so my tennis shoes/workout gear can fit in my carryon? Should I reconsider my travel outfit and plan to wear athletic shoes on the plane? How do you plan for workout clothes through a week of travel - rewear? wash at night?

Would love your real life examples... I"m off to get the laundry started before next week!