Hi all, now that I've finished my summer clear-out, my fashion thoughts have turned to fall (even though it's still sweltering and there's time yet before the leaves turn!).

I had a (rather obvious, now that I've had it) revelation that I've been trying to manage wardrobe seasons in a silly way. Although I know that our weather tends towards extremes, I'm always trying to wardrobe plan on a quarterly basis. Duh.

Anyhow, now that I think of it, I think our seasons here in the GTA looks something like this:

- spring - mid April to early June (approx. 1.5 months)
- summer - early June to mid September (approx. 3.5 months)
- autumn - mid September to mid November (approx 2 months)
- winter - mid November to mid April (approx. 5 months, *sheds single tear slowly*)

What say you Canadians - does that seem about right for planning purposes (noting, of course, that it can not be divided quite so cleanly, and there are always weird years of hot Thanksgivings and blizzarding Easters). What would you correct?

Those from other locations, how do your seasons break-out for planning purposes? When are you doing your summer to fall (or winter to spring for those in the southern hemisphere) changeover?