This is ALL SO GOOD! I will be back to comment in more depth.

What a fun question to ponder! I think that clothing that covers more skin than a typical outfit is more alluring, so long as the fabric has a nice look and feel, paired with visually fun details/textures. For example, a favorite sleeveless shirtdress fully buttoned that falls just below the knee paired with a patent leather belt, dainty earrings, and suede or patent or metallic shoes/sandals. Clothing that covers the body, while complementing the wearer’s figure, paired with unexpected details makes me notice the person because they stand out in a good, but subtle way. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well... another example would be Angie in her Club Monaco striped midi dress with pearls and dainty, but detailed, footwear with or without the polished handbag.

"I could no more look romantic or sweet no matter how many ruffled flowered items I pile on, than Boris can avoid putting his foot in it."

Hear, hear, BJ111 -- I'm with you!!

I love what Sal said for you, Carla -- I see a real Katherine Hepburn vibe to what would read as alluring on you.

I'm not sure what it is for me...ruffles and ditsy prints don't work so well. The angularity of me becomes Boris Karloff - like. Stripes are far more alluring with this face! Showing a lot of skin won't work for me either since I'm never comfortable playing "sexy." But silks, movement, flow combined with crisp tailoring. A bit of shine. Those help.

I think about how I want to feel each day and dress to express that. I strive to convey sophistication,elegance and uniqueness by creating outfits with some unexpected element or combination of elements. Additionally, I believe that confidence and experiementation beget allure.

The Boris shade wins the internet comment of the day award .

I think it’s knowing what you like about yourself and giving the world a little peek.

This is a hard one! I think for me, it’s choosing fabrics and silhouettes that are skimming the body, slightly revealing and structuring but not hugging or hiding it. Can be done via silk blouses or that elusive Birkin or K. Hepburn style. I recall one of your scrunched sleeves shirt looks that I’d call alluring - tomboy style. Exposing some skin to show off your own assets (be it wrists, collarbones, shoulders, back, delicate cleavage...) seems like an option too.
I agree with others here that the whole package is probably most important: attitude, posture, grooming, perfume...

This reminds me of a blog post on truth is beauty on how naturals do sexy. I found the suggestions in the post on point for me. Slightly tusseled hair, showing bare skin (even if just pushing up sleeves), exposed collar bone, drapey material with movement.

Oh this is a tough one for me. I don't think I have ever wanted to look alluring - interesting, striking, noticeable even attractive yes, sometimes - but alluring kind of freaks me out. I do not want to draw anybody in I suppose.

Yeah Shevia! So similar to my own reaction, until I felt slightly sorry for my own husband. I remember consciously dressing alluring precisely once in my life, aged 17, taking a boyfriend along to a schoolmates party. Since then, nope. Trying to look attractive yes, but not alluring. Just trying to be myself really.

“Alluring” makes me think of a spy in a sharp haircut and a black velvet dress, watching everything around her, sparkling quietly so as not to draw too much attention to herself. My response—lots of texture—works for that as well as for Carla’s last paragraph.

I don’t do sexy...never have, never will. Just not my persona or comfort zone. However, I think alluring is highly personal and can be achieved differently for each woman.

Hmm, so for me, I’d say a bit gamine, maybe...Audrey Hepburn strikes me as alluring in a *classy* way); a bit of leg showing. If not legs, than arms/clavicles...never both ends of the body. I also feel most alluring with a tan, which is definitely my 80s girl coming out. It suggests fresh air and sunshine, carefree summer days, and good times. The OPPOSITE of stressed-out, which I usually am LOL.

In winter, I’d say touchable, soft fabrics like cashmere or other soft knits, and silk, make me feel alluring.

Great thread. I think about clothes that show of one’s shape as alluring. That does not mean body-con, necessarily, but it means garments that fit well, don’t wear the wearer, and show off one’s individual body.
Kari posted this link from Universal Standard in another thread. https://plannedparenthood.univ.....ollections
A lot of the dresses posted get at what I mean, with color, shape, and drape.

I think Cardiff Girl nailed it.
Based on my DH preferences, I'd say a smokey eye helps too

I’ve never tried to be alluring, but if I were holding the pictured pie, my husband would follow me anywhere!

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The responses to this thread are great. I'm using them to build up my list of what to look for (and what to avoid) when shopping for additions to my closet. Maybe I should add soigné to my list of discriptors?

Appeal to the senses of touch, sight, smell with:
-compelling texture (soft, smooth, silky)
-rich colours, monochrome outfits, dark large florals, shine
-clothing that hints at the figure beneath
-show a little skin
-movement, fluidity and swoosh
-grooming that is considered
-investigate scent

Specifics for me:
-look for V-necks (no more crew necks or men's style t-shirts) Thanks to all who pointed this out. I have been thinking this for the past month, and your comments have solidified my commitment
-look for luxurious sweater fabrics and consider drape
-find a dress with a V neck, drape, swoosh, possibly dark floral
-keep up with defined brows and lashes, experiment with liner/shadow
-experiment with a more colourful lippy

Though I was having trouble articulating how I want to tweak my style, I think you've got it. For me it isn't about throwing out lures, but rounding off some of the edges of a rough and tumble casual style. It's not about 'trying too hard' but about caring and self care, and you've helped me see that with your comments.

Did I leave anything out?

“It's not about 'trying too hard' but about caring and self care, ”

That’s a great insight.

“Doing it Right without being a Try-hard” could be a whole post of its own.

Runcarla, I think that is a good summation.

“Allure” to me indicates an openness, a hint of invitation, a little mystery. It doesn’t have to be overtly “sexy” or bare at all. I think it varies depending on the eye of the beholder, and the individual wearer. What is alluring for one person may be off-putting to another. Like so much of style, it’s individual.

As I age I find earrings way more essential. A bit of delicate dangling sparkle to draw the eye to my face but not compete with it... not statement and not very big or long (although I may choose statement earrings for some days and outfits), not overly blingy, not too bright/colourful (for my complexion and perhaps yours as well)... understated, harmonious to me, but pretty.

"Al-lure" implies "luring" others to you. Usually one knows what works and what doesn't. Genuine attraction goes beyond clothing, but bringing the allure with what you're wearing is a great way to keep things interesting. Thanks for making us think about these things, Runcarla.

We all have different styles, but what I’m going to say, I think you can apply to any personal style.

Find your “alluring” icons. Who do you look at who takes your breath away? Make a Pinterest board of your icons and start dissecting the looks and identify the elements you like.

Mine are Dita Von Teese, Monica Bellucci, and every dame in every film noir story. My favorites: Kim Novak in her white coat/ black dress outfit in Vertigo. Jane Greer in a white dress and straw hat in Out Of The Past. Barbara Stanwyck’s beautiful mani/pedi in Double Indemnity. Rita Hayworth’s glorious mane in Gilda. Veronica Lake’s hairstyle with the swoop over one eye.

Breaking down my icons, I know I love a pencil skirt + fitted blouse or Wolford top, a safari dress, a camp shirt + tailored shorts with a 2-3 inch inseam, pretty shoes. Polished nails, winged eyeliner, wavy or curly hair. Outfit formulas, like Angie tells us.

Dita Von Teese wrote a great book on cultivating your own alluring personal style, called “Your Beauty Mark”

For me, it’s all about the big picture: my outfit, hair, makeup, and meticulous grooming. I perform publicly at least four times a week, either as a full show, or at open mics, and I have an actual style brand now - it’s a retro, alluring film-noir sort of vibe.

To get to that point, I always make sure:

My hair is deliberately styled, even if it’s a ponytail and headband on my way to yoga, or flyaway bedhead mop.

My nails are polished or buffed to a pretty shine.

I have lip color on, even if it’s sheer lip balm.

I always have small stud earrings in, unless I’m swimming.

My outfit fits my figure well, whether it’s dressy or casual.

My shoes are always clean and in good shape I don’t wear sneakers.

I also don’t wear cutoff denim shorts, or anything ripped, baggy or outsized.

I always have a dab of scent on my wrists, unless I’m headed to yoga.

My undergarments fit well, look pretty, and enhance my outfit’s appearance.

I think achieving ‘alluring’ is all about planning, and being in control, so that, no matter what strange or unexpected situation you step into... you yourself look cool and polished.

That’s my interpretation, anyway.

Haha, I wrote y’all a novella.

I think I was born without the "feminine wiles" gene. I AM fascinated when I see it being deployed, but I don't have even a speck of that game in me. I strive for fun and interesting, open and confident. Playful and probably irreverent. I'm more of a fresh and sporty kind of female.

I think the furthest I would go to be alluring is to make sure I have a bra or cami on that is worth a peek (not my usually skin-toned plain jane) and leave an extra button undone.... well, that and toe cleavage! I love a good toe cleavage shoe. Not to be confused with HEELS, though, which I don't wear (probably no surprise by this point in my explanation).

For me, "alluring" usually requires clothing that skims the body and shows the body's shape but is not body-con. So, silky tops, structured button-downs without a lot of excess fabric, jeans that aren't stuck to the whole leg but have some extra fabric somewhere (like a cropped flare, straights, or a boyfriend), etc.

I think that pairing a more structured item (like jeans) with an item that is less structured (like a silk top) is a nice pairing for this look.

I think a *touch* of the traditionally feminine (princess seams, ruffles, floral patterns, flowy skirts) helps also. This doesn't have to be a lot--just a tiny bit. Or it can overwhelm the look.

I like hair to be a little messy for alluring. Curls are great for this! For those with longer hair, even if it's in a ponytail, maybe have bangs, or a bit of wispy hair pulled out of the ponytail--something to give a little movement.

Unbutton an extra button on your top if possible. If it's a little too deep, maybe use fashion tape to close it up a little. Try wearing a delicate necklace in the V.

For shoes, expose part of the foot if the weather cooperates. Sandals are ideal. Or a kind of slingback shoe to expose the back of the ankle. Maybe something delicate to medium weight; something overly large and chunky is hard to work into an "alluring" outfit, IME.

Makeup would be subtle and would play up whatever features are already your best.

Although not seen by others, a set of beautiful lingerie under your outfit might help you get in the mood!

What you're asking for sounds like what "French chic" style aspires to be. You might want to type "French chic style" in Google as an image search and see what comes up. It might give you some ideas. I enjoy Jeanne Damas' outfits.

Bennett, I have often felt that way myself, but some guys react as though I’m Marion the Librarian (a Music Man reference, though if you go back and watch it you’ll see it harassed her and that library song is beyond creepy). I think it’s because I’m playful and straightforward.

Great thread! Thank you!

Oh, OK. When you say french girl chic I picture hair that looks like she just got up from a nap, and she is either wearing her man's big sweater or his jacket. Or his buttondown tied at her waist and the sleeves loosely rolled up. An oversized Vneck sweater falling off one shoulder. With some very feminine strappy shoes on her feet.

I guess the look I'm seeing in my head as french girl allure involves looking either like you just got out of bed, or your clothes are worn so oversized and askew that they may fall off at any moment.

Yeah, that would be alluring if you could pull it off! I would get laughed at...

Fun thread!

You all have covered this so well. I would only add that I think stepping outside of your typical look can be very alluring. Obviously, this will mean something different for everyone. For example, on vacation this summer I ignored all the hot tools I'd brought and let my hair dry naturally into little ringlets and my husband found it alluring.

I have enjoyed reading the suggestions, especially from LBD. For me a perfect fitting dress that is tailored makes me feel my best. Going to wear my favourite LRD little red dress tomorrow.

I’ve always had trouble with this one. I realized at some point that what looks alluring to me on another woman is usually appealing because it is NOT me, specifically not my body type. So for example I find the delicate, willowy look so beautiful— thin bones exposed at wrist or clavicle- long luscious hair. But that type of allure doesn’t work for me at all! When I try to dress or style myself in that way— with thin necklaces or low v necks- I look super sloppy. Why this took me decades to figure out, I don’t know.

And I STILL haven’t figured out the next step, which is what would look alluring on ME. It can be so disappointing to get dolled up and then see a photo and, that really did not work at all.....