This is sort of an odd question, but how do you keep a strapless dress in place? I have a beautiful strapless dress for my senior recital, but for some reason when I practice in it, it will not stay up.

Here is the dress on Jessica McClintock’s site: http://www.jessicamcclintock.c.....y_rn=10317

And here is me wearing the dress:

The obvious answer is that my bust is too small, but that does not appear to be the problem. I’ve tried wearing a padded bra and even adding silicon bra fillers to the point where the dress will barely zip up. Still it slides down and shows my bra by the time I’m half way through my second song. This messes up my posture and causes me to worry about the dress, making singing well impossible. We have tried adding straps, but now that they are hand-sewn on I’m not pleased at all with the look. The dress looks like a child’s Easter dress now and not an elegant ball gown.

After much thought, I believe that the problem is the facing. The dress has facing made of the same shiny, slippery material that is on the outside. Is there something I can do to avoid the childlike straps that ruin the look of my dress? Should I cut out most of the facing? Attach some other kind of material to the facing to keep it form sliding? The recital is January 31, so I need to fix the dress quickly. I just hate to wear it with those awful straps. I'll post pictures with the straps when I get some.

Thanks in advance for the help.