I apologize for asking what has no doubt been asked and re-asked. I don't feel like I am great at searching on the forum, so I was hoping to get current responses from you guys. I am trying to shop smarter and I think I have improved a lot BUT I am noticing my shopping is snowballing again and I am not being deliberate. It is time for another shopping break, and I want to take stock of what I have before going back into the stores for Fall.

I haven't posted any WIWs because I don't have a great camera option. I wish I could take photos of my outfits but I think the first step is to inventory. Do you use a spreadsheet, an app, pencil and paper? Do you categorize by season, item, color, etc? How specific do you get? I don't even know the names of all the different items TBH! So can I just write summer tops: 12 or should I break it down farther (there are way more than 12!).

I am such a thrifter that I think the sheer numbers in my closet are going to be upsetting. Also, I have recently gone back to sewing (very much learning) and now that I am realizing I can alter some of my clothes so I am wanting to hang on to stuff. But too much is TOO much. My closet is small. I want to take control again!