After reading all the interesting posts in Inge's thread Deluxe - How Luxury Lost Its Luster - Kick-off Thread, I began thinking about what I think is "true" luxury. It means a variety of things to me, but handmade quality is always something that appeals to me. I value everything that has an interesting tradition behind it - it can be handmade soap from France, a pair of leather boots from Italy, a handknit sweater (well made).

Luxury to me would be my new leather booties. They have leather soles, sewn down, not glued, and the leather is perfect. They were pricey, but I wear them almost every other day and am so happy about them. They will last me for many years. Another kind of luxury is a fresh piece of lavender soap from Provence, or a good cheese.

I eyed this wonderful bouclé skirt while shopping, but the price tag told me to let it go. I don't think it was worth that kind of money. I bought a similar fabric for a fraction of the price, and sewed it myself instead. Not entirely the same, but it still felt good, and a self-made skirt is something to cherish in its own way. When is a piece of clothing too expensive in your opinion, and what are the items you don't mind paying for? What does luxury mean?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.