Ingunn Birkeland is the name of a Norwegian designer and dress maker, who recently did an appearance on the Norwegian version of the TV-show Sewing Bee (Symesterskapet). I knew of her work, but this was the first time I saw her in person.

I was intrigued by how she chose to dress for the occasion, as she got prime TV-time to reach a whole new audience and showcase her trademark style and design. I added pics of her TV-apperance and some of her work.

I couldn't help but ponder how I myself would have chosen to dress for such an event, to try to communicate my work through my outfit. I am an amateur painter and "artist" my self (said without trying to be pretentious or self gratulatory, ha ha), but I don't express this side of me through clothing at all. Mostly because I don't know how.

I feel she did a great job in choosing colours and silhouette, but maybe on expense of dressing current? This is exactly the issue I struggle with my self. I want to convey that I am "with it" and trend-aware, but still keep some of my signature style (whatever that is).

Language is a barrier for me, so I hope this post doesn't come across as inappropriate or rude! If it is across the line to discuss named celebrities clothes and styling, feel free to delete or edit this post.

I would love to hear your thoughts and analysis on this topic in general, and her outfit in particular.

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