My main neutral these days is black -- in part because it is easiest to find and easy to match. I'm wondering if I should add a small navy capsule. It would mainly be for spring/summer office wear.

I found a pair of wide legged navy pants this weekend, and I bought a navy and white striped top that I think might work with them.

I already have a knee-length navy cardigan and a high/low slightly arty-feeling navy vest. I don't love the cardigan, but I can live with it until I find something else.

Other things I have that might work with the navy pants:

  • white jersey knit tops (home on trial after today's shopping)
  • charcoal BR factory outlet boyfriend blazer (have to test the proportion)
  • soft charcoal turtleneck (this and the BF jackets for the cooler weather of March and April)
  • green knee-length cardigan with draped front (fave find of the weekend!!!!!)
  • my camel topper
Is this enough to be a "capsule". Is there anything else I need to consider? If it's going to be so small, am I better off to just stick with my black neutrals?

The only finds that are the actual item are the blazer and the camel topper. Haven't got a find that's close to the green cardigan.