I am a plus sized pear shape/hourglass. I was recently chatting with a friend who also is a pear shape although she is thin. We were dressing for an event together and were both pulling on tights and we were lamenting on how difficult it is to find tights and pantyhose that go up over our thighs. I thought this was an issue just because I am plus sized, but I have realized that this is something all pear shapes experience.

Has anyone done research to find out which tights and pantyhose fit us? I'd love to wear more skirts this winter and I need tights.

Another strange problem that I have is that I do indeed have some tights that fit, and I mean just a pair or 2. But there are no labels in the hosiery and I can't ever remember where I got them or what brand they are so that I can buy them again. Is there a way to label them or keep track of hosiery? Every time I need to wear a pair of tights I'm ransacking my hosiery drawer trying on everything because they all look alike.