Yaaay for turq! Makes me happy.

Love turquoise if it’s on the warmer end of the spectrum. What I REALLY want to see is coral though.

I wasn't conscious of it until now, but turquoise pretty much disappeared a while back. I think in the right shade it's a color that almost everyone can wear. Thanks for telling us about this.

I don't like how fashion can make a color almost completely disappear from clothing.

I remember when turquoise was popular. It’s such a great color for summer, it would be nice to see it popular again.

I love turquoise so much I even put it on my living room walls (that's fleece in the photo)! Like it in my wardrobe as well. Since I sew and find things at thrift stores, I probably am able to find more previously-unpopular colors than most people can.

That would be awesome if turquoise would show up at retail! It's such a hard color to find.

Yes, here's hoping that turquoise will reappear for my winter, as I really like bright colours in winter to counter balance the darker skies and shorter sunlight hours.

Turquoise is a color that says happiness. I love turquoise and currently only have tiny bits of it in accessories. If dreams can come true, I will find a long turquoise trench and a pair of turquoise booties.

@DonnaF -coral is Pantones color of the year for 2019
@Angie, wow that lot is hectic! Looking forward to seeing you break it down for us
Last year, about September, some turquoise popped up at Loft. So I helped myself to a blouse, shorts, and midi skirt. Also I got my chunky turquoise necklace last year, but that was at a Native American shop. I like it with dark and olive greens

I'm hopeful for more turquoise too! It's my 4th color and gives a high happy factor. I have a lot of turqoise necklaces but very little clothing items. I'm enjoying it now in the laces of my fur-lined cons.

This makes me happy in the pants

Nodding along with LaPed in my love of earth tones and warm colors and chuckling that my turquoise also comes in the form of gear I reluctantly bought out of season, at a discount. I am not a fan of turquoise, but will enjoy it on all of you!!

I would love to see some nice turquoise items return to the retail realm. For the last few years all I’ve found turquoise in is swimwear and gear.

It would be a welcome change from all the colors currently popular that I don’t wear and have no attraction to (mustard, pink, etc).

Turquoise looks so fresh! Would be fun to play with it this summer.
Also looking forward to seeing how folks' signature styles develop amidst the chaos.

Not a torquoise fan...but huge fan of your recaps...looking forward to it..and I’ve already purused your Pinterest board.

Oh, that would be so awesome! Most of my turquoise is in my swimwear and beach wear at the moment... I have a great sun hat, sandals, and turquoise/tomato red towel, that started my “beach compliment”.

My wonderful Hobo bag has been my nod to turquoise for the last couple of summers. Would LOVE to add more.

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Definitely yes to turquoise! It's one of my favorite and most flattering colors.

I would also be happy to see more turquoise. I bought a tourquoise summer jacket last year, but that's about the only thing I have in this colour. It looks more greenish than your examples above though, so would you still call this turquoise? Maybe it's a bit like the tiffany blue you mentioned in the HEWI thread?

I am often a bit unclear on colour names that I read here on YLF, for example where does beige end and cream start, and what's the difference between toffee and camel colour? Is this only me? I would find it helpful if you could make a blog post on colour naming, Angie. Googling does not help much, see below my results for beige.

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I would be happy to add turquoise to my wardrobe but can’t think quite what neutrals would go with it. unfortunately I have a bit of a poison eye for white and turquoise. Navy? Others? I would love some suggestions for this.

Love this. I have a couple of turquoise summer pieces but they need to be retired for reasons unrelated to color. Maybe I can replace one of them this year!

Phew, this news cheers me up. Now I have some hope of saving myself from the beige flood ....

Hooray! My color pick for the year was Turquoise!

How lovely. I have an accidental turquoise capsule (scarves, sweaters, and a paisley skirt) that comes out in March/April, when I want to feel spring-like but it's still much too cold. Once it warms up, I forget all about them for another year. This year when I pull them out, I can feel on trend instead of desperate.

I love turquoise, but am particularly intrigued by the ugly fashion - going to peek at your pinterest board next.

I guess I didn't realize it was gone! I love a dark turquoise. I do wish retail had more color variety. It seems like they are forcing us to conform.

Okay, I'll be the grinch. I don't care for turquoise and never have. And I still remember the years when I would want to buy warm-weather clothes and literally everything was turquoise, coral, or a combination of the two. Oh, well! I've got plenty of clothes already. I'll just camp out for the next few years.