My first collection of custom finds- kind of fun to do but I missed that last step of correcting the exposure and colour saturation = oh well . It was an interesting exercise for these reasons:
1. much of it has never been worn, take from that what you will.
2. pretty much all black - no surprise
3. I don't need to buy , nor can I justify adding in a single thing
4. EXCEPT for a pair of black stretch velvet leggings, because I'm basic like that. Just ordered an inexpensive pair and am looking forward to wearing them with simple non-holiday-ish tops and some glitzy jewellery. Good for around the house .
5. missing one amazing black tuxedo blazer with matte satin lapels and trim from Zara which I wore last year and now need to find . I still struggle with wardrobe storage in this $%^^ condo.

Plans: all tops with jeans and non-holiday-ish black pants and joggers; blazers with plain black silk everyday tops, and with holiday tops posted here; not sure if the duster coat will get worn this year as it was intended for "going out" . Need to steam out that red sweater too.

I have lots of great jewellery and outerwear for this capsule, and for once, I'm quite pleased with what I have here . Throwing a wink to Jenni and Carla.