This is a great time of year. I absolutely love everything about it. I have to admit though that I am at the mall, at the grocery store, or online every single day from mid-October until just after January first. I am usually buying gifts or something for others in my life. However, that doesn't stop me from buying something for myself at the same time. It seems to be a one-to-one ratio. And the Black Friday and After Christmas sales can become an obsession. I can rationalize my purchases so easily at this time of year.

The thing is I don't need anything for myself. Nothing. I just feel that if I don't shop Black Friday and After Christmas, I might miss out on the "deal of my life."

What seems to be holding me in check is a "Needs List." I listed several items that should I come across them I will buy them. But I was very, very specific as to what requirements these items must meet (i.e., length, color, fabric, cut, neckline). It seems that most things I covet don't meet all of the listed specifications. Most often the deal breaker is fabrication. I can't wear wool. So the smallest percent of wool means I have to leave it at the store. I leave it at the store with little regret because I know I can't wear it. Perhaps someone else will find it and love it all the more.

Another deal breaker is oversized or "too fluid" tops. That cut just is not appealing to me right now. I get the sense of "been there, done that" and it bores me. So I am looking for more classic fits. Those seem to be really hard to find (if not impossible).

The sweater illustrates exactly what I mean. This sweater is ideal and I love it, but it contains wool. I had to leave it at the store.

Do you find money management to be hard during the Holiday Season? Do you have any tricks to rein in your spending?