Love the dress, but agreeing it's more boho than work. Let's see the slip dress!

I tried on the slip dress today with and without different toppers. I am formulating a plan and will post a pic when it all comes together.

love the images Firecracker shared. Also like a slip dress styled with something underneath. Both seem current and classic for a festive evening out!

Looking forward to the slipdress post. Hubs looks great, and coordinating would be chefs kiss. I really like the dress in this post with those great ankle boots, but don’t see them at a party where tuxes might appear. If you want to have the wedding dress redone, this would be a good year to wear it (because the wedding was just over the summer, right?). I see that you’ve googled the venue; are photos of this event in past years available? Styles may have changed, but you can still get an idea of degree of dressiness.

Love the slip dress and I can see it working with either your pleather jacket or blazer. Throw on a blingy necklace and some sandals and you are set! I am excited to see your looks.

Once you get your outfit sorted, it could actually be a fun night out--I have been enjoying going out more and this time of year just feels celebratory.