In my time reading YLF, the biggest lesson I've learned is to buy for the life I have. I'm very casual both in lifestyle and attitude.

My challenge this season was to find casual items that had something a little special for some very casual holiday events.

lisap asked us three weeks ago about our holiday dressing uniform. I've never had one. I had a couple of pieces but no real outfits. On that thread I mentioned ordering a bunch of stuff from BR. I promptly sent most of it back!

Angie's beautiful outfit post on December 1st had me loving the gold metallic bags from Fossil.

TorontoGirl's recent post about not being a schlepper but not being a heels and jackets SAHM resonated with me. I'm not a SAHM but am a mom (5 year old) and a kindergarten teacher and a very casual person. It made me wonder if I could do holiday sparkle very casually.

What I already had to work with ...

black waxed skinnies
blush sparkly cropped cardigan
black lace pencil skirt

What I added (see below)

I have been able to put together a few outfits for some casual holiday festivities. Yay!

I hope to wear BR drapey pants and J Crew sequin sweatshirt for Christmas day (at home - we host). Do you think this outfit is too casual for a matinee of the Nutcracker ballet? If not, what footwear would you suggest? I live where it is cold.

Thanks YLF and Angie for your collective wisdom. I've learned so much.