Angie wrote "Holiday parties are much more casual these days, which often means combining festive separates that can work with jeans, trousers or a simple skirt rather than creating a formal outfit with a dressy frock. This has been the case when shopping for holiday attire with my clients over the last few years, and this year is no different. In fact, I will be going that route too."

Like Angie, I too somewhat lament the casualization of dressing during the Holidays. But also like Angie I see the added value of buying festive separates. And I love festive separates!!!!!!!!!

I usually always get a new outfit to wear to Holiday parties (I tend to wear the same outfit the entire Holiday season because only a handful of people attend the same parties as me). I used to buy a dress/heels, but those days are long, long gone. I couldn't even imagine going that route today. I also rarely had the opportunity to wear that dress much beyond the Holiday season .... so kind of a waste.

This year will be different!!! Angie's post was so timely. Below is a sampling of the pieces I am considering.

Let me start with the blazers. I adore all three of these and can only rationalize one. I'm going to the store on Saturday. If they are in stock, I'll buy the one that fits the best. The deciding factor will be sleeve length. Based purely on product descriptions, I am leaning toward the metallic one. It just screams Holidays to me.

On to the pants. I am leaning towards the NYDJs because if I have a statement topper, I would prefer to have a quiet bottom. Length again is always the deciding factor for me. I would buy full length over ankle length every day of the week.

The top is not my normal silhouette, but it seems fun and certainly the color is breathtaking. It would be perfect with the NYDJs. Would it work with a topper? Or is this a standalone top? Perhaps a plain white or black crew neck sweater would suit be me best.

I love the Holiday season. I love everything about it.