I am putting together options for "interview" outfits and similar more formal, adminstrator-type meetings though with a non-corporate outfit aim (professional business casual). Also I would say that for me and for the target purpose, something very luxury-line or status-symbol (not that that would be recognized) would be inappropriate.

The type of bag I think is most appropriate is something that is tote-like , i.e. could hold some letter-size documents, but not too big (tends to overwhelm me), and able to either carried hanging down or put over shoulder, because that is more the environmental norm than "carry-on-arm" satchels and such.

What I think I mean is, something that is not necessarily the full-on large tote I might use for my highest volume needs for lunch bag, shoes, umbrella but still looks a bit more business-like than a fashion handbag, if that makes sense.

I already have something in black that is almost not big enough for papers but it was the best I could find last year for some occasions.
I have for some reason not liked lots of totes even at TJMaxx, which is quite a good source--SO many nameplates and logos, too big, too stiff, wrong hardware, and many with very short handle drops.

However, my outfits tend to have a lot of black--pants and shoes, for example--and everything look so somber that I am exploring having the option of light neutral vs dark neutral depending on what's the rest of the outfit.

I came across this Hobo Friar tote. I have always been a Hobo fan but don't want to let that skew me. Really it's more that it seems like a less obtrusive, sleeker tote that does not bang around like a larger bag. It's small enough that I could also use it as a normal "shopper" handbag for any everyday outfits that work well with the color.

What do you think of this style for that purpose?

Second, it's hard to choose a color! I like more than one of the available colors! There is this gray and then a lighter gray that is also lovely. (I have been tempted to bring both home and see which one works best with my current outfit options). There may also be berry colors which I love, but I'm less sold on that for versatility for this purpose. There is a promotion going on which gives a price break, though not a "steal".

Any comments welcome.

ETA I brought one home, since I neglected to take "stuff" to the store to practice fiting into them, and found this tote will not hold a letter-sized folder and still zip up. It's just wide enough but not tall enough, by just an inch or so.

So disappointing because I really like the "tote lite" aspect and it looks really great in terms of proportions with my outfits, and is extremely lightweight, and I love both the gray and the black. So it would still work if I had a high need for a lot of variety in just "business-looking" handbags, but I really don't. I was okay with its not being a "laptop" kind of bag or a schlepping tote, but I think it would be a mistake to focus on this bag and not be able to carry papers in it. Not even just for "interview" but a few office items. Was still waffling because of how sleek it looks. Phoo.