I went last night to try on some of the Olsen Europe items I've been lusting after for fall (and driving you all crazy with lately - lol!). I'm afraid I had a very negative shopping experience that has left me not wanting to pursue any of those items.

The SA was pushy to the point of being aggressive and made no change to her behavior even after I asked if she could give me a few moments. When trying on items in the change room, she kept knocking on the door literally every couple of moments to ask to see the item on. I felt like I couldn't breathe or think. And when coming out of the change room for her to have a look, she insisted everything looked fantastic even when I knew the fit was wrong. To use an old expression "she was on me like hair on an ape"!

I finally gave up, left the clothes in the change room and very politely but clearly said that I was not going to purchase anything this evening since I felt too much pressure - then I went to Starbucks. I was literally quivering with anger and anxiety.

A few days ago I went on eBay to my favorite seller's site (the one I have purchased 80% of my EF items from) and put a few goodies on my wish list for fall. I'm thinking of going this route instead. As you know, I absolutely LOVE EF quality and fit for my odd little body. My fave seller has a fabulous return policy and very reasonable shipping costs.Anyway, here are the items I'm having a peek at - anything stand out to you as a good possibility? Not buying anything yet but once I have a wee bit more cash in the Fashion Fund jar, might apply it to something here.

And check out these kinda funky Naot shoes - in case I need to stick with that brand for my fussy feet.

I know I've been a bit of a forum hog lately and I do apologize - just working through a few issues re: dressing, shopping, spending and it's very helpful to post here for feedback. Thank you

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