Not in any particular order.
1. I'm not the only one who's hard to fit, or whose size isn't carried in a lot of stores. Doesn't help practically, but psychologically, yes, it helps.

2. I'm more visible than I think. I thought "daring" silhouettes made one stand out. Others spoke about color making you stand out. Well, I do wear patterns, and intense colors.

3. Buy for my real life, weather, activities. And don't buy for the same purpose if that niche is filled. Now I try to visualize myself wearing something before I purchase it. Am I wearing it? Where? -somewhere that is a part of my real life? Do I have the supporting pieces? Do I already own enough of that type of item?

4. The people here, from Angie and Inge to all of you. Amazing sharing, amazing bravery, amazing kindness.

I'm sure there's more, but for now...
Thank you, one and all. And Happy 2018.