I'm with Jackie. Really? I have never measured my calves but absolutely have slim legs and calves in particular. The stores seemed to be full of tall boots! I have a few pair of really nice tall flat boots, and have not worn any of them ONCE this winter . My new substitute ended up being a mid-calf height moto boot that felt newer and more interesting than my taller ones.

It took so long to build up my boot wardrobe last time (my calves are 13") that I'm still enjoying wearing my tall boots with skirts and dresses this winter. My cognac pair is getting a bit worn, though. After The Great Boot Search of several years ago, I sigh at the thought of having to find a narrow calf replacement pair. Crossing my fingers that retailers remember us this time!

Living in Colorado, all I see are skinny jeans tucked into tall boots. EVERYWHERE, unless I visit Denver where everyone is trendy. And this year, I hardly wore my tall boots. Granted, I only have one pair and last winter I wore them nearly every day; I think I'm just needing a break from them.

Instead, I've worn my short booties a lot. And I even wore uggs in the snow, and then at work I popped on my ballet flats or Birkenstocks clogs just for something different.

I know booties have dominated the scene for quite a while, but I'm not ready to give mine up yet. If anything, I wouldn't mind finding a second, and maybe even third pair. (Again, only one pair. Who knew i could be so minimal?!)

Perhaps next fall I'll be ready for some tall boots. Right now I'm thinking either a wedge heel or more the 1970s sleek tall boot. They're not very practical in the snow, but anything with a flat heel feels uber casual to me.

The "and petites" is the important part there!!

Gals, I'm 13 inch calf circumference, with no more than 13 inch high shaft. So proportionately speaking, I'm not really a "narrow" calf - I'm average -- for someone who's leg is short enough that anything over 13 inches high is too high.

Now go plug those measurements into zappo's, and see what my choices are, and you'll understand why this is GREAT news.

Booties are wonderful too (though pose their own set of fit problems for petites), but are impractical when you have 5 feet of snow on the ground.

That is so funny! I've been wildly craving a pair of tall lighter taupe or tan boots for this spring and next fall. I've the first two of these at home checking them out and the third on the way. I'm just going bonkers trying to decide which one to keep!!! One and only one can stay. Oh, and number four? That's a contender too!

I am 100% with you about most tall boots being made for taller ladies. This fall, I found a pair that wasn't too expensive and which had side buckles, allowing for some adjustment. Also, they are not too high either, so my knee is not drowned in them. They look a little like Caro's. Originally, when shopping, I really wanted the flat heels "flat" look; yet now I am super happy with these and find I reach for them first a lot.

KP, what is that fourth boot you posted?

I have had good luck with the Born "Robyn" - Born often has a model for petites with a 13 inch shaft height, which hits well below the knee on me (5'1). Very similar to the "treddy" model from a few years ago. Not flat, but very, very comfortable on my feet! The circumference is listed as 10" but it fits my average sized calves fine with jeans tucked in.