Hi everyone! It's been an age since I've participated on here (have been lurking and keeping up a little) - but hoping for a bit of a breather and some time to catch up!

With the weather, finally (??), turning the corner from winter/mud season to sunny spring (*knocks on wood* - it literally started to rain as I typed that lol!), I'm starting to think about my summer wardrobe. I'm in good shape on most items, but am completely lacking in 2 things: tanks and skirts. Skirts are not an essential for me, so I'm going to just be open to what's out there with no pressure to buy, but tanks are an essential once the super-hot weather hits.

The last few summers I've enjoyed the more fluid styles of tanks, which are great for hot and sticky days, but with the bodycon looks coming in, are these dated - or classic, per Angie's post today? What fits are you looking at for casual summer tops?

In Finds - some BR examples I've been browsing. The linen ones are especially appealing to me - esp. that pretty blue one ....

TIA and hope to catch up with you all soon! xx Helena