Yes folks, it exists!

I bought this tee in a black and white stripe last year, and was very happy with it. So this year, on my annual trip to a b&m Nordies, I decided to try the plain versions. They are fab.

Material has a nice drape, loose around the tummy without being bulky, the white is NOT see-through (at least with a nude bra), no pocket, and there is a crew neck version (which I didn't try) and a v-neck version.
Fits on the roomy side, if you are between sizes I'd say size down.

I bought them in blue, red and white. Bonus... two of them (can't remember which, prob the coloured ones) were on sale, which the SA didn't even know about until she rang them in. And they are much cheaper in Canada than the converted price on the US site (I think they are $35 in the Can store, $45 on the US site). Sorry, I don't have my receipt with me.