I have been trying to replace/semi-dupe my Munro booties that fit pretty darn close above ankle (~4” or so shaft) as they run narrow and are showing wear after 5 yrs! Their heel is ~1.5” and I didn’t want higher. I’ve tried and returned several pairs of PG and others for fit and also just not snug enough on the ankle/ calf, and avoided ordering some due to heel height ( though one of the PG’s was 2”).
This kind of fit is important for my “ style”— one aspect is I wear some types of “ straight” pants either full length or ankle and I have to have the slim, snug boot shaft to go over these. I have other booties that work with wider leg or bootcut pants. Also like this fit better with skirts and dresses.

Well I broke down on my heel height rule and ordered the AGL below but in smooth black leather. I thought for price and heel, smooth would be more versatile even though I am Queen Suede Footwear.
My usual size was FABULOUSLY snug on the ankle, but way too tight in the tie. There was no “ size up” alert on it. It was not available 1/2 size up.
So I ordered the black suede sized up. It fits great. A little something is lost in the ankle fit, not sure1/2 size would do that, but I haven’t found anything better. BUT— the 2” heel us breaking my rule/ resolve , and yet it’s more comfortable than many other boot heels of that height, not sure why.
I wanted to wear them right out of the box/ house but am making myself wait until I have some time off to try them with bunches of things , pants, dresses with opaque tights, try some with sheer tights.

These are very spendy, but I like how they look. I’m afraid one reason is BECAUSE of the higher heel, which looks dressier, sleek, and I didn’t want to depend on that. But they, um, “ elevate” a number of my ordinary outfits in a good way.

While I’m trying to rationalize these for me, I thought I’d also see if others are looking for snug ankle bootie fit, as this might be an option.