I commented on the blog post with my review of this brand, I am a fan, but with some cautions, see what I commented on the blog.

I still don't know how to do finds but this is the Bleu by Rod Beattie tankini I ended up triplicating in the last two years or so:


I've now got it in pink, aqua, and a print, and I've put it through the paces at chlorinated pools, lakes, rivers, oceans; day trips, week-long vacations; packed in a suitcase (took this on our trip to Australia for 3 weeks pre-pandemic); lots of sunscreen and sand and surf; high heat and high humidity; low humidity and desert heat..............and through the washing machine.

I did try the matching bottoms but they didn't fit me well at all -- I do have narrow shaped/weird shaped hips, so don't let me deter you on that. I am using these tankini tops with previous tankini bottoms that do fit.

I tried out this brand because I'd gained some weight, my cup size went up to a D from a C, and upsizing in La Blanca didn't work at all, since I'm only 5' tall. Also I just felt I needed something that would keep things from jiggling. I do need some cup coverage. I did try some underwires from various brands, and they did not work well at all. This tankini does give you substantial cup coverage AND lift, without underwire.

As I mentioned on the blog, the drawbacks are, those molded cups do not dry all that fast! If you take a dip in the ocean 2 hours before sunset and then sit around waiting for the sunset, you not going to be comfortably chilled-- you may be really cold! And the tankini will not be dry by the next morning, even with your vacation rental's AC blasting hard. This suit takes a day to dry. It could also have water stains until you wash it in the washing machine. La Blanca dries a lot faster and doesn't leave water stains around and below the cups between washes.

But Blue keeps everything all contained and lifts and supports and looks great and makes you feel confident, and if you don't get the cups wet before sunset, will keep you nice and warm too! I also love the fun colors -- a departure from my usual La Blanca navy & black, with occasional polka dot.