Huge smile!!!

I'm really glad it is going to work out and that your patience paid off. You're going to wear this baby into the ground.

I really like this one the best on you. The quilting details on the waist in back are extremely flattering. I have a couple of leather jackets and the arms/elbows were tight to begin with. I wore a fisherman sweater with The jacket over it and after a few weeks they stretched out quite well. One was lamb leather and the other one just said 100% leather.

I think I got lost somewhere, lol. I remember the last thread I saw had said it was a keeper. Missing stuff isn't new for me but all that said ... I really like this last one. The color, shape and detailing are all really flattering with your coloring, blouses, jeans and figure. And I prefer this one on you to the other two, even though they looked good too. I hope the sleeves end up working for you.
I would not mind having this jacket myself!

Glad to hear the sleeves are fitting now and that you're going to keep it. It really does look fab on you.

Ooh, sorry. I missed your update reply! Glad the sleeves relaxed!