Hi all,

I'm trying to do the right thing and work on a vacation capsule well in advance of my vacation, which takes place in a month. DH and I are going to Tulum for a week, and it's our first extended vacation on our own after 27 years of marriage, which is kind of amazing. (We've tended to travel with our daughters.) We're very excited.

So, it's going to be HOT and quite casual; think beachy wear. I'm expecting to live in a swimsuit and dress most of the time although I am bringing some shorts and a pair of drawstring linen pants.

So... I have 2 day dresses I will definitely take: a sleeveless navy washable silk button-down, and a citron short-sleeved t-shirt dress. I may or may not add the gray linen short-sleeved milkmaid dress, and/or the short-sleeved gray lightning Gap t-shirt dress from last year.

I'd like two new barer dresses -- one casual and one dressier if I can get them cheaply enough. For casual, I am thinking about the striped JCrew tank dress ($60) below. ETA: See below for the long black sleeveless dress I purchased.

I need flat sandals for everyday ... again trying to be budget-conscious. These must be good for dresses and shorts. I have mostly a clean aesthetic but in summer a bit of boho does peek out. These are from Amazon because right now I have a $60 credit on Amazon plus about $100 in Amex rewards points that I can use towards the purchase, making them essentially free. This fits the budget. ETA: I purchased the Georgiana.

ETA: I purchased the two coverups below, on sale at JCrew (extra 40% off), to try.

The dressier dress is where I still need help. Several are collected below. Your thoughts?

Any other suggestions for a tropical vaca?