Hi, everyone. My taste is changing! Which feels a little scary because I'm a careful spender and without a sharp focus to taste-wise I feel in danger of making too many mistakes. (Don't mind a mistake or two here and there but really do try to avoid.)

If you have a moment, would you be willing to help me brainstorm a style moniker to help me focus? When I started here I'd have described what I like as Prairie Modern. My comfort zone fashion-wise is in vintage. I like pretty, feminine things, natural fabrics, but also live a very "geary" lifestyle with lots of opportunities to be outdoors, on trails, hiking and stuff. What I'm finding as I shop is that I'm very drawn to a more modern, minimal sleeker look (COS) and bright colored gear. How to reconcile? They all work in my wardrobe, just don't know how to describe.

Recent finds below for reference.