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Hi everyone!
I believe that I am a TR, but I'm looking for confirmation and want to see if there is a better fit for me. I am a bottom heavy hourglass 32-24-34. The bottom number fluctuates a lot with weight gain but the waist and bust measurement stay pretty consistant. I have a long toreso, and I believe I have short legs. I think I have upturned eyes. I have an asymmetric face and body so I think classic is definitely out. Size 6 shoe US . 5' in height, 100lbs. I come from an ethnic background where the people are petite and compared to them I'm not an oddity like I am in the states and Europe. Small, narrow hands and feet with long fingers/toes. Size 4 ring and my wrists are to too small for most bracelets and watches by quite a lot. I have slender ankles and calves with thicker thighs and butt. I gain weight (in this order) in the butt, thighs, face, upper arms and bust.
Thick, wavy hair. I was SCI/ART draped as a bright winter. I think I see sharpness in my face but also softness.
Narrow shoulders and rib cage, narrow/small bone structure. Oval or a heart shaped face. I do not like the clothing styles of FG and G on me, but I'm open to the possibility I'm a gamine, I just don't feel flattered by the clothes/hair. I think SG is too cutsey for me, I am not a bubbly person and I don't see the sweetnes in my facial features, and I don't think I'm curvey enough for SG. I feel at my best in formal wear and I believe I can wear a lot of jewlrey without seeming over-done. I seem to look sloppy/like a child without waist definition, in shapeless clothes and casual clothes.

I would love to know your opinions. Am I really a TR or something else? When I saw the TR style it clicked for me, but I'm not entirely sure!
Thanks in advance for any help:D