Hello ladies!

I know have been MIA for months and I have missed you terribly ( I have been reading more-less regulatory though). I have been pretty sick for months (long story) and very busy as well. Things are starting to look up a little and I am hoping to be able to participate more in few weeks.

So this is about the new cropped kick flare jeans. I am super excited about this new jeans trend, especially about the option of wearing them with taller shaft booties so that no skin shows. This would allow me to wear them to work ( we are not allowed to expose any leg skin for safety reasons) and provide a different silhouette in cold weather to ubiquitous skinnies tucked into tall boots.

I am struggling with the right lengths though. Though I am not petite at 5'6". I have very short legs (with long waist), and very skinny ankles, which makes finding booties that fit snug at the ankles almost impossible. Here are three jeans cases for your consideration and advice:

1. Jeans # 1 ( photos #1 and #2) are the cropped straight with tiny kick by Genetic Denim that a couple Fabbers have ( I shamelessly copied them from UmmLila). I am not quite certain, but would guess that the length works both with ankle-strap shoes and silver booties - I lucked out with these booties as they fit fairly close to my ankles.

2. Jeans #2 ( photos #3-6) are the Express cropped flares. It seems to me that they are longer on me than on Angie. I think that they are fine with ankle strapped shoes (photo #3), but I am much more interested in making them work with my black booties (#4 and #5). Since the booties are not snug around the ankle , they distort the kick of the jean hem as you can see on the left leg. Does this bother you visually? Would you hem them a little shorter so they hit right t the top of the booties, as on the right leg, or keep them as is? I also tried them over tall fitted suede boots (#6), and the kick looks fine, but you can see the the top edge of the boot through the jeans - how distracting is this? I would love a pair of snugger fitting dark booties with tall shaft, but chances of finding them are extremely slim.

3. Jeans (#3 (photos #7 and #8) are a pair of eggplant baby-bootcuts that have been sitting in the do-something-with pile for a while as they are extremely long and thus difficult to wear. It turns out that I own a pair of higher-shaft suede booties in exactly the same color - hopefully their shape is not dated, so I am considering cutting the jeans into a cropped shape. In the photos I have only folded the extra material under, so it looks bulky. Since these booties are not fitted at the ankle either, I am having the same dilemmas as with jeans #2. Should I hem them longer so they cover the booties as on the left side or shorter to the top of the booties as on the right side? If you like neither I can always turn them into regular skinnies.

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