Hi All! I'm often reading through, but rarely post, but when I do, I get lots of great advice. So I'm here for some help.

My mother in law is in her early 80's and is a plus size. She is also rather tall and has an exceptionally long rise. She prefers cotton tops because she perspires a lot and synthetics are warm and uncomfortable. I would like to take her shopping, but she is rather immobile and we would have to go to one store that is smaller (like Penningtons). Also, I am in Canada. I can order online as long as I can return the items because chances are that this daughter-in-law won't get it right the first time! lol

She would like:

1. Pants. Preferably in black, chocolate or navy. They have to wash well though hanging to dry is fine. These can be in other fabrics besides cotton. They have to have a long rise, but not long in the leg (her height is in her torso and upper body, not her legs). She would be a size 20 or so.

2. Tops. She prefers cotton and in a print. She would be an xxl or so. She does not like a tunic style, though most of the time her tops are too short on her especially in cotton, if they shrink.

Finally, she likes to look chic and put together. I feel badly because I am at a loss as to where to look.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.