I am going on a trip to China at the end of June. A Chinese collaborator is hosting my whole family (including my two teens!), and it will be part work and part touristing. I'm really struggling with a travel capsule and was hoping for some ideas. Bear with me, as this is LONG. Here are the parameters:
1) We will mostly be in Beijing and Chengdu. It will be hot and possibly rainy.
2) We will be hiking, visiting forest research sites, going to nice restaurants, seeing the sites, and my husband and I will be giving research talks - in other words, we'll be doing a bit of everything! I assume we will be walking a lot.
3) I am hoping to get everything into a single extendable carry-on. I am planning to bring laundry soap packets to handwash if needed.

I've included some ideas below. I would like to be able to wear all bottoms with all tops and all shoes. If you don't want to read the details, I'm looking for another pair of long pants that are not white and more tops for hot weather, and I need an outfit (doesn't have to be too dressy) to wear to give a research talk that works with the red sandals.

Pori sandals (thanks, Angie) - these are a Chinese lucky color and they are comfortable. I hope to wear these to give my talk.
Adidas Gazelles - these are quite comfortable for walking around.
Oboz Sawtooths - these are waterproof, for hiking in the forest in the rain
Running shoes (not shown) - I don't know if I'll be running outdoors, because of the air quality, but I'll be exercising in the hotels and can wear these for walking around if needed.

GAP bermuda shorts in three colors (chambray, navy, willow) - I've read mixed things about how appropriate shorts are in China, but I'm hoping that long shorts are OK. If anyone has any insights, please let me know.
Athleta cargo pants - these are very lightweight and quick drying and will pack well. Can I wear these to give my talk?
Another pair of long pants - this is one place where I'm stuck. Normally I'd pack white jeans, but I am not blessed with Angie's good luck around keeping white jeans clean. One possibility if my Loft Chinos in willow (shown below), but they have got a faded ink mark on them (washing machine mishap).

Tops: - this is the other major place where I'm stuck; you can't believe how many tops I've ordered and returned. I'm out of ideas.
Boden Gemma jersey top - another Angie pick, although I think I found this one first. I have this in the Heron Blue and have just ordered it in the Navy because I like it that much. What do you think about repeating?
Vince Camuto polka dot sleeveless blouse - Angie pick. This is a bit low-cut (I think I should have gotten the XSP instead of the SP, but the tags are off), but I'm hoping I can tack the placket and solve the problem. Is sleeveless OK to wear to give my talk? In the US, at a summer meeting in my field, it would absolutely be appropriate.
Halogen modal tee - I was thinking of bringing this in Navy. Boring but functional.

Dress: I was hoping that I could wear the Boden dress for my talk, but Nordstrom screwed up my order and sent me a t-shirt instead of the dress, so I haven't been able to try it yet, and I don't know if sleeveless is appropriate.

Bag: This Madewell bag seems good, as it is a good size and has a zippered top. I need to be able to carry water bottle, iPad, passports, phone, etc.

Not Shown:
Workout clothes
Another pair of Athleta pants for visiting forest research sites
Another tee shirt for visiting forest research sites

PHEW! Thanks for making it to the end, and for any advice you can give!