It can be tough trying to transition to skirts and dresses in the winter. As you probably saw from Angie's recent thread, retailers seem to skimp on warm dresses at this time of year, grr.

The only advice I can offer is that if you want corduroy, you could try Free People. They have a lot of corduroy items. I have a corduroy skirt from there. It is actually a miniskirt (not sure if that suits your fancy), and I wear it with sweater tights from Nordstrom. That's my rec: sweater tights with your skirts and dresses. Soooo cozy.

AliceinWonderland: I will check out Athleta, thanks for the recommendation. And YES to a good selection of boots. Topicfor another thread!

Suz: I will let you know how the dress and skirt work out.

Gigi: thanks for the recommendation of sweater tights. I think those will be my next addition. (They’re the type of tights that look like they’re knit, right?)

This is my favorite weekend dress -- so soft and cozy. I wear it with fleece lined leggings and flat booties or boots.