Dear Fabbers,
I am still shopping for fall. The reason being that I am going through a style shift. I no longer like to wear jeans or any pants at all (not even a little bit).

I have been meaning to switch to skirts and dresses for a while, but the new denim silhouettes and washes always sucked me in, and I never had room in the budget for other things. This time around though, I've been very disciplined, and have not bought any jeans this fall. Woo hoo!

I have made a fairly deep dive (for me) into skirts: 3 new wool skirts for work. But I am still stuck wearing jeans on the weekends. I am wondering if you could help with the following:

- Could you advise me on a good skirt/dress look for winter? I was thinking a tunic and leggings would work well. Please see the finds of the Boden 'Alexandra' tunic (Finds 1, 2) which I'd wear with leggings. Another option is some sort of brushed cotton A-line skirt with leggings (Find 3), or a cord skirt (Find 4 - love the colour, not sure about style). I am thinking I don't want to wear tights on the weekend, hence the leggings.

- Could you advise on another winter work skirt? The last three finds show the three work skirts in my wardrobe (light blue, navy chevron, pink/burgundy). My colours are cool toned next to my face.

- Any other advice as I transition away from a jeans-centric closet?