To recap, cause I know you all don't have my life memorized :

I have found a pair of short boots/booties that I can actually walk in! Merrill, not the most fashion trendy, but that in itself is a small miracle. So, I wanted to find pants I could wear tucked into them, to show that I was actually wearing boots and to approximate a skinny pants/tunic look.

But I know I won't wear skin tight skinnies, and let's not rehash the leggings issue! So I don't want the body fit to be tight, but I have exceptionally scrawny calves (12.5 inches) and therein lies the conflict. Anything that snugs my calves might have to be tighter all-over than I want.

I'm returning 3 EF pairs that just look like baggy leggings. I don't know what to think about the Loft pair in these pictures (and in the Finds). They are ponte, so they are more substantial and won't get mistaken for leggings, but I don't know if that means they can look okay not completely form fitting??? I did size up to get the comfort I want, but you can see the legs don't fit so close as they do on the model.

  • Is this bad? Should I get the calves tailored so they bunch up less?
  • If so, can they just be tighter from the knees down or do I need to take in the thighs also because of that behind the knee bagging?
  • Do I just need to size down and have them tighter all over?
  • If that's the case, should I just scrap the whole project since I'm unlikely to enjoy wearing anything tight?
Thanks for hanging in with the long explanation. Honest answers are welcome, I may just have to stick with boot cut and give up on the tuck into boots look.

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