Joy, I've never seen you in an outfit that wouldn't be perfect for the reunion! By all means, wear jeans!

For a dress, I remember an EF dress from a year or more ago that I think you got in more than one intense color--what about that one? IIRC it's a dress for colder weather so if you brought that and the navy you'd be covered weather-wise.

You will look amazing.

Joy, do you think most of the women at the reunion will have lived in that "town on the Great Plains" for many years? If so, anything you wear from your closet is going to be totally appropriate. From my experience, I'd say that you would find the crowd nicely dressed but not necessarily fashionably dressed; most of the outfits I've seen you wear would look quite dressy and "fashiony" by comparison--even your version of a jeans outfit. You'll look great in anything you wear!

Getting back to your saying that you want to show people who you are, why don't you choose one of your favourite outfits, favourite for whatever reasons, because then you will feel comfortable and genuine. One of my favourite outfits on you is the denim you wore to meet your son at the aiport.

Late to this thread, but wanted to reassure you Joy, that no matter what you wear - you will look killer.

I vote choose one of your favourite on trend jeans outfits and go from there, since it will be casual. xo

I enjoyed reading all the replies here Joy!
I am sure you will be very approachable and stylishly-Fab in your jean outfit, and I hope you have a wonderful time

BBQ is code word for casual, so I vote jeans.

And I refuse to believe you are old enough to be going to a 50th Class reunion, Joy!

I can't believe it either ,Shiny

Joy, not advise but just encouragement that whatever you choose will look wonderful. Class Reunions must be a bid deal in the States? I am not aware of them being so here. And it's not just the one event?