I am desperately needing your ideas and inspiration for deciding what to wear for my 50th high school reunion in late September in a town on the Great Plains where the weather can be anything at this time of year.
I feel so much pressure to try with two or three outfits to show who I am . I am not out to impress or look young or alluring, but would like to look modern. No dress code has been mentioned but most will be casual. There is a dinner but on the casual side...indoors with BBQ. For this I would like to wear a dress but nothing cocktail. Unless it's hot, I don't have a suitable dress though. It is Homecoming, so there is floatbuilding scheduled, also a parade and game.
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you have. What would you wear? Or take to wear? (This is a car trip, so not limited to a carry-on.)