Hi everyone,

As mentioned in Friday's Book Nook post, we've almost finished with our current reading list, so it's time to start selecting new titles.

YLF Book Club really is all about the books and movies you want to talk about, so of course we'd love your input here.
Fashion documentaries, style-related movies, a brilliant book (fiction or non-fiction), they can all offer food for thought.

Is there a title that has really struck a chord with you, that you want to share and further discuss during Book Club? Tell us about it before midnight on Wednesday 7 March and we'll put it on the Book Club "long list".

What happens next?
- 9 March: We publish the Book Club long list with your suggestions on the blog and in the forum.
- 9 - 14 March: Voting time. Everyone on YLF can pick their 3 favourites, the titles that get the most votes are our winners.
- 16 March: We announce the 3 winners and will have the updated calendar ready for you.

Looking forward to your suggestions!