Hello, YLF!

Looking at my closet, footwear is an area that needs dire attention for spring/summer this year. I also know footwear is a place that can really help "make" outfits. I'm seeking the collective wisdom of YLF.

My requirements:
1. Comfort. I walk a lot in an urban environment. Walkability is critical.
2. I love metallics but am open to colors (cognac, black, etc)
3. Heel - can be up to 1 inch
4. Dressing - I WFH and have a MOTG lifestyle, so I don't need super dressy
5. Styles -

  • I am not a small or dainty person so I tend toward more solid shoes for lack of a better word.
  • Not a huge fan of Birkes (for fit reasons - slightly wide, flat foot - and 90s flashbacks) but the style has grown on me slightly. May consider in white, black or metallic (high five, Angie). Not sure of open back either (for walkability/safety reasons)
  • Slip ons don't usually fit my foot but I'm open to try them.
6. Open vs closed toe - open to both but really need open toes at this point, closed toe shoes are in better shape than open (gaping wardrobe hole).

I've been looking at these (pic below) for ages, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. They ticked all of the boxes yet I am holding back. Don't know why.

If anyone has the patience to make suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

Also feedback in general on how you are using your shoes to keep your look current this year would be great.

And please share how you are updating your shoe wardrobe for spring/summer 2015, maybe I can find some inspiration in your finds!!

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